Project Roadmap

The following outline highlights the major initiatives we are working on as a team.
Due to the ever-changing nature of the crypto landscape, this list is constantly under evaluation and priorities are subject to change at any time. Project supporters should use this roadmap as a rough guide to understanding the trajectory of development.

In Development

  • Beta - Launch Vaults on Ethereum
  • GA - Launch Vault contracts on Ethereum
  • GA - Launch vault contracts on Avalanche
  • PG token consolidation and revised token economics
  • Design and branding changes for PG to highlight the Vault value proposition


  • Marketplace development
  • Improvements and incentives for governance participation
  • Fee distribution system for vaults and marketplace transactions
  • Multi-token Vault input/output systems for multiplier and incentive mechanisms
  • Enhancements to the Particle Bridge contract to enable new conversion flows


  • Vault SDK for protocol level composability
  • Integration with DeFi protocols for enhanced yield opportunities in Vaults
  • Ideas to enhance marketplace volume through advanced auction types