Polyient Games Ecosystem (PGE)

Polyient Games features two core components:

  • Polyient Games Investment Group (PGIG)

  • Polyient Games Ecosystem (PGE)

The Polyient Games Ecosystem (PGE) is a third-party collaborative environment and platform that brings together a number of different types of entities, including blockchain games, NFT & DeFi startups/dapps, and technology providers from across numerous networks and verticals.

PGE is designed to be chain agnostic, matching the PGIG investment strategy, where startups from all networks are able to apply to join. While the majority of our platform infrastructure is based on Ethereum (ETH) token and protocol standards, we aim to work closely with our network partners to continuously expand our support.

We also aim to build relationships with teams from each major network that are interested in having a role in supporting startups within PGE.

Partner projects within the PGE receive the following:

  • New token economy design and launch support (fungible & non-fungible)

  • Liquidity support via the Polyient DEX and other DeFi protocols

  • Competitive tournament and marketing support

  • Unique opportunities to build out interoperable experiences with other Ecosystem members

  • Access to highly-targeted customers and earlier testers via PGFK Members

  • Dedicated game/dapp profile pages [coming soon]

  • NFT sale and market support via the Polyient Games Marketplace [coming soon]

  • Discounts on partner services [coming soon]

These offerings will evolve, especially as more technical partners join our ecosystem, as we intend to continuously iterate to find new solutions to the unique challenges facing teams across the industry.

The PGE is the lifeblood of the PGIG investment model, as it functions to accomplish the following:

  1. Enable PGIG to actively participate in the market and assess investment opportunities through direct engagement with startups.

  2. Allow for a unique collaborative approach to technical and network partners, enabling PGIG to efficiently deploy capital deployment across networks.

  3. Support existing companies in the PGIG portfolio by facilitating a supportive testing ground for products and services.

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