Decentralized Exchange

The Polyient DEX is a decentralized exchange for trading PG token pairs and future PG partner token pairs. As the PG ecosystem continues to grow, the Polyient DEX will play an integral part in facilitating transactions across the Polyient Games ecosystem.

There are three primary users of the Polyient DEX, each with unique use cases.

Supported Trading Pairs

Each supported trading pair receives liquidity from Polyient Games and its network of capital providers. Additionally, supported pairs are eligible for PGU rewards.


V1 - Ethereum Network The initial version of the Polyient DEX is based on a fork of the Uniswap protocol and dapp. Uniswap was chosen due to its widely accepted AMM (automated market-making) trading model and the stability and security of the core smart contracts.

V1.5 - NFT DEX

With the addition of the Polyient Games Unity Token (PGU), we are able to move forward with the development of a decentralized swap functionality that enables the efficient conversion between NFTs and PGU, the unit of liquidity for the NFT market.

V2 - Avalanche Network The next iteration of the Polyient DEX will be native to the Avalanche network running on the AVM (X-Chain). The speed and cost benefits of the Avalanche X-Chain will improve the overall UX of the Polyient DEX as well as helping to facilitate cross-network interaction for the PG Ecosystem.

V1.5 and V2 release dates have not yet been unveiled.

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