The initial iteration of the Polyient Games Ecosystem governance is now live with a mechanism that allows both PGT and Polyient DEX PGT liquidity providers (PGLP holders) to vote on proposals put forth by both the community and the core Polyient team.

Currently, these proposals are largely centered around new token additions to the Polyient DEX, an integral decision to make as new community-voted token pairs receive liquidity backing from Polyient and its decentralized grouping of investment partners.

Given the importance of this decentralized governing body for the long-term growth of the Polyient Games Ecosystem, we will be using established technical infrastructure and will focus on facilitating the creation of a working treasury to accomplish the following:

  1. Fuel liquidity within the Polyient Games Ecosystem across all supported protocols and applications

  2. Incentivize PGT governance participation to assure active and thoughtful decision making

  3. Provide grant rewards to high-potential NFT projects building within the Polyient Games Ecosystem

Core Proposal History

DAO Treasury

  • The Polyient Games DAO Treasury will extract fees from all decentralized protocols within the Ecosystem.

  • These fees, which will be voted on by PGT holders within bounded parameters, will largely be in the form of PGU and supported Ecosystem tokens.

  • Polyient organization strategically adds to the PG DAO treasury via both direct and indirect methods.

DAO Treasury Deposits

Note: Deposits will be made at the launch of the PG DAO. Technical details associated with the staking functionality and decentralized use cases will be unveiled soon.

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