Founder's Key (PGFK)

Polyient Games Founder's Keys (PGFKs) are NFTs, meaning that each PGFK is fully unique as a result of how it is used. Through the combination of unique metadata and transaction history occurring over their individual lifespans, ultimately, no two PGFKs will be the same.

How PGFKs are used is user-driven, as each individual holder might want to leverage the NFTs for different outcomes. For instance, some users might want to insert their PGFKs within PGE games that support PGFKs as in-game items while others might be more inclined to use PGFKs in NFT-specific DeFi applications.

No matter the use history, all of this information is recorded on the network and the rich metadata associated with NFTs allows for a robust method of identification for the individual assets.

From a technical perspective, PGFKs follow the ERC-721 token standard with the EIP-2309 extension which enables multiple NFTs to be transferred in a single Ethereum transaction, saving users on gas fees and unlocking an entirely new realm of use cases for the NFT asset class.

Supply and Distribution

We conducted a PGFK Voucher sale with a limited supply of 500 on August 8, 2020 and a full Gen0 PGFK sale with a supply of 12,000 on September 15, 2020.

PGFK Generations

Tokenomics Updated on February 1, 2021.

PGFK generations are determined by time-boxed windows where all PGFKs generated within a specific time frame will be mapped to a corresponding generation.

All PGFKs minted after the first Generation Event will officially be identified as Gen1 PGFK until the second Generation Event is reached. Generation Events will occur roughly every 6 months.

PGFK generation identification will be made both at the contract and metadata levels, impacting a number of key metrics associated with PGFKs.

First, each generation of PGFK is assigned a specific “Yield Weight”, which identifies its relative impact within the upcoming Polyient Vault system. Given that Gen0 PGFKs have the highest rewards, the weight of their inclusion in a Polyient Vault will be the main measurement point for all subsequent generations.

This is an important note as PGFKs will have the ability to plug into a number of different types of Polyient Vaults, all of which will have unique reward outcomes for participants.

Second, each generation of PGFK has a specific number of xPGFK it can output. This is a major upgrade to the deflationary nature of the Dual State Asset (DSA) system, as not only is the supply of each generation of PGFK trending towards zero, but also the total supply of xPGFK.

For both Yield Weight and xPGFK output, there is a 25% reduction in value between generations. However, the 1,000 xPGFK requirement to form a new PGFK in the Particle Bridge will remain, meaning that each subsequent generation will have reduced capacity to create new PGFKs.

Once Generation 7 is reached, the xPGFK required to form a new PGFK will match the xPGFK output when a PGFK is sent through the Particle Bridge. This will enable a non-deflationary steady state that will allow for lifetime transfers between PGFK and xPGFK at an adjusted supply cap.*

*Note: we are keeping the door open to adjusting the xPGFK input metric according to real-time data from user activities.

Initial PGFK Rewards

  • Early-access to Partner Games: There is immense value for our partner games to have a trusted base of users that can give feedback and act as early testers. We are opening the opportunity to PGFK Members to gain this early-access to game builds and other similar opportunities, which will often come with additional perks.

    • Not all game developers will want the exact same thing from PGFK Members and we anticipate a number of unique experiences to emerge.

  • PGFK Holders-only Lobby: PGFK Members can directly communicate with the Polyient Games team, Ecosystem partners, Games, and other PGFK community members.

    • All users who purchase at least 1 PGFK will be able to access this exclusive perk.

    • The Lobby is currently available on Discord.

  • Early-Access to the Polyient Games Marketplace: The Polyient Games Marketplace is the core platform that will facilitate NFT transactions within the Polyient Games Ecosystem. [Coming Soon]

    • Early-access prioritization will be based on the number of PGFKs held in each member's wallet. Members who hold more PGFKs will receive an early invitation to the PG marketplace.

  • Polyient Games Marketplace Fee Reductions: All transactions within the Polyient Games Marketplace will include fees that will be collected by Polyient Games to reinvest in the Ecosystem. [Coming Soon]

    • Early Polyient Games adopters will have the opportunity to reduce and even remove these fees by stacking PGFKs. With the roll-out of the full PG Marketplace, we will reduce 1% of the transaction fees with each PGFK held in a user’s wallet

    • Please Note: We are actively monitoring innovations that can reduce the impact of gas fees to improve the user experience.

  • Early-Access to Polyient Games Usernames: The more PGFKs a member holds, the sooner that member will be able to claim your official Polyient Games Web 3.0 username. [Coming Soon]

PGU Rewards

On 12/8/20, the PGT governance body voted to upgrade the PGFK reward mechanism to include Polyient Games Unity Token (PGU). Learn more.

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